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Jerry Niman

Jerry has over 30 years IT management experience in large private and public sector organisations, and a broad range of experience, covering IT strategy, project and service management, team leadership and development, contract management, budgeting and cost control, business process analysis, infrastructure and application development. He recently completed a major restructuring of IT support services in a large public sector organisation.

He started in the Aerospace industry, developing technical systems for BAe Systems before moving on to set up and lead a ‘high tech’ group producing and supporting systems to control advanced aircraft manufacturing techniques. Later Jerry was promoted to manage the total IT service delivery at BAe System's Woodford site and co-ordinate technical computing across the BAe Systems civil aviation division.

In 1994 he moved into Higher Education as deputy director of the computing service for the University of Birmingham, and later became Head of IT for Manchester Metropolitan University, one of the largest Universities in the UK. Since 2010 he has been undertaking consultancy in Service Delivery, IT strategy and management.

Jerry is a Chartered Engineer with a strong track record in delivering IT systems and service with real business benefits. He takes a balanced approach to long term strategy and short term pragmatism, and applies his extensive experience of large organisations to analyse and improve business processes. He has a particular interest in team and individual development, and for three years was Chair of the Staff Development Group for UCISA, a national IT association. Jerry has a particular flair for translating between ‘business’ and ‘IT’ dialects, and an outstanding track record in building bridges between organisational silos.

Jerry is also a certified Prince 2 practitioner, and ITIL qualified.

For more detailed information, please see Jerry's LinkedIn profile.

Corinne Niman

Corinne has a background in healthcare and has been involved in the company since it was set up, undertaking financial management, work planning, proof reading and general quality assurance.

She has helped facilitate workshops for several of our University assignments, including:

  • Office 365 Privacy Impact Assessment for the University of Reading;
  • Writing up a summary of the 2017 Cyber Security Survival Guide event for UCISA;
  • Discussions with schools and professional service departments on business continuity arrangements for IT disruptions for Loughborough University; and
  • Discussions with technical staff on IT infrastructure service dependencies and recovery times for Loughborough University.


Clova is our welfare officer. She ensures the physical and mental wellbeing of our other consultants by ensuring that they maintain a healthy work/life balance with plenty of exercise in the fresh air. She is particularly keen on enforcing the breaks recommended by the Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992 (DSER). Clova is now spending most of her time researching advanced object retrieval techniques; she is widely recognised as a leader in her field.


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